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Animals raised on fresh pasture and fed non-GMO antibiotic-free feed.

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Know Your Farmer

We are a small farm in North Easthope Township near New Hamburg. We have been growing turkeys and chicken for our family and friends for a few years now. In 2017 we were thrilled to start selling to the public. We have 4 young daughters who, along with Sarah, make up the '5 chicks'.

John grew up on a small family farm in Southwestern Ontario where his family raised pigs and cattle and grew crops. As farming became more and more specialized that type of mixed farm has become less common. However John has never lost his love for raising animals and the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food ethically and humanely.

We have been on our farm since 2009 and are thrilled at the opportunity to provide quality food to the public. We are offering pastured chicken, turkey and Berkshire pork as well as grain fed beef.

We are excited to be part of the Artisanal Chicken Program. This program was designed by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario to allow small independent family farms to meet the demand for locally produced quality, niche and specialty market chicken. Under this program we will meet all the requirements of the CFO for quality and bio-security and will be licensed to service the restaurant, grocery and retail market on a larger scale than was previously possible.


We are one of the Preferred Purveyors of the Culinary Tourism Alliance, a not-for-profit working towards putting more local food on plates in Ontario. The Alliance is committed to providing the best quality, locally-produced product around.