About Our Products

Our chickens are raised on pasture in moveable, floorless huts called chicken tractors (don't ask me why they are called tractors because they don't look anything like a tractor). They are moved to a fresh patch of pasture every morning where they feast on a fresh salad bar of grass, alfalfa and all the worms, grasshoppers and other bugs they can eat. This supplements their diet of non gmo grain. We have whole chickens frozen in winter, and fresh in the summer months, as well as chicken quarters and halves, boneless skinless breasts, drumsticks and thighs. We also periodically have chicken carcasses available for making your own delicious broth.

Our turkeys are raised on pasture as well and are fed non gmo grain. We process them to have fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also have sausage, breast roasts and drumsticks available frozen while supplies last. We're often told that these are the best turkeys people have ever eaten!

Heritage breed pigs include several older breeds that have not been bread for the commercial market. Hence they have retained characteristics that have been bread out of commercial herds. They are known for superior marbling, juiciness and rich flavor and are on the menu of many up-scale restaurants. Our pigs are also raised outside on pasture, resulting in happy healthy animals. Our pork comes cut, wrapped and frozen. Depending on your preference and family size you can choose from a whole pig, half, or 30lb box of cuts as well as individual cuts of chops, sausage, bacon, hams and roasts. If you have never tried heritage breed pork you are in for a treat with this stuff!

We have grain-finished beef ready for butcher, available by the half, quarter or 30 lb box of mixed cuts. The cattle graze our pastures during the grazing season, going ahead of the chicken tractors to mow the grass down ahead of them. This process is essential to improving the soil health in terms of organic matter, water holding capacity and biological activity. In the fall the cattle are fenced in smaller paddock and given access to a mix of hay and grain until they reach slaughter weight. The process of finishing them this way produces excellent tasting beef that people come back for!

Last but certainly not least are our laying hens which also roam on fresh pasture seasonally, resulting in thick yellow yolks full of nutrients. Eggs are available year round.

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