Pasture raised meat is less likely to be contaminated with drug-resistant


The combination of low stress, rotational grazing and being finished on a mix of hay, barley, oats and corn gives our beef excellent marbling and flavour and keeps our customers coming back.

This lifestyle and diet results in a healthy, delicious tasting meat, high in vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats


where’s the beef?


30 Lb Box of Mixed Beef Cuts

30 lb box of mixed cuts of beef. You will get about 12 lb of ground beef, 7 steaks (mix of ribeye, striploin, sirloin and round), 2 roasts and some soup bones. Exact details will vary depending on availability.

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Ground Beef

People love our ground beef for the excellent flavour. It comes in 1 lb packages.


30 lb Beef Winter Freezer Box

As fall and winter approach this is a great package to put in the freezer. It is a mix of ground beef, sirloin tip/blade/cross rib/shoulder roasts and blade steaks meant for the slow cooker and oven roasting. This is a great way to stock the freezer for those cold winter nights.


Assorted Beef Cuts

We typically have various other beef cuts available depending on our inventory. Please visit our store for availability.

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Quarter or Half Beef

Sold by the quarter or half and cut to your order, wrapped and frozen. The price is based on the carcass or 'hanging' weight which is the weight of the carcass when it is slaughtered and before bone and fat is removed. A whole carcass is approximately 750-800 lb or 180-200 lb hanging weight per quarter. You will receive approximately 110-120 lb of actual cuts. A great way to stock the freezer. Please contact us for timing and details. If not available at the time of ordering, the equivalent can be purchased