local pasture raised meat


healthy—delicious—ethically raised—convenient


We are John and Sarah Moylan

along with our 4 daughters we are

proud to introduce you to

5 chicks and a Farmer 

We have a small farm in North Easthope Township near New Hamburg where we are producing pasture raised chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Farmer John and his 5 Chicks

Farmer John and his 5 Chicks


our story

John grew up on a small family farm in Southwestern Ontario where his family raised pigs and cattle and grew crops. As farming became more and more specialized that type of mixed farm became less viable. Hence John pursued other avenues.

John worked in construction and engineering for 15 years while Sarah ran her own landscaping company with her sister. We knew that as our family grew we wanted to be more involved in our children’s lives. We also loved the idea of raising our own food.

taking the leap

We raised some poultry on the side on a small scale for a couple years and then decided to take make a business of it in 2017. After doing a lot of research and planning John is now a full time farmer while Sarah continues with the landscaping.

We are thrilled to now be able to provide our customers with what we consider to be the highest quality meat available!


KNOW YOUR FARMER. Know where your food comes from



want to stay in touch?


It contains lots of updates and photos of what is going on with our farm, our products and our family!


A few years ago we started reading about the pasture based, ‘direct sale to customer’ model of farming. We were intrigued by several aspects of it including the non-capital intensive nature and the opportunities to involve the family. Hence we took the leap.


In 2016 we started raising turkeys and chickens on pasture for ourselves and some friends and family. The results were good so we decided to take the next step and in 2017 started farming full time. We have since expanded to include pork and beef as well. We think that being able to buy a mix of products from one farm is a benefit for our customers.

We’ve come a long way

We are excited to be part of the Artisanal Chicken Program. This program was designed by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario to allow small independent family farms to meet the demand for locally produced quality, niche and specialty market chicken. Under this program we will meet all the requirements of the CFO for quality and bio-security and will be licensed to service the restaurant, grocery and retail market on a larger scale than was previously possible.


we supply households, restaurants, retailers and butchers


why pasture raised meat?


pasture raised meat is…


  • Animals raised on pasture are happier and healthier than those raised in confinement so there is

    No need for antibiotics or other medications

  • Our poultry and pigs are fed NON-GMO grain

  • Pasture raised meat is highly nutritious which helps fend off illness and disease,

    namely it:

    • is higher in vitamins

    • contains a greater number of antioxidants

    • has increased levels of healthy fat

    • is less likely to be contaminated with drug resistant bacteria

Happy turkeys enjoying life!

Happy turkeys enjoying life!


People come back for the great flavour

We have been told that our chickens and turkeys are the best people have ever had

ethically raised

Our livestock all enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and are protected from predators and the elements



How & where can you get our products?


order online for your family or household

Our online store makes ordering simple and convenient.

When you place your order choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Pickup at the farm

Option 2: Pickup at one of our pickup locations that is convenient for you

We have pickup locations in the following cities: (See details in our online store)

  • Stratford

  • New Hamburg

  • Toronto

  • Kitchener

  • Waterloo

Option 3: Have your order delivered to your door

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rotisserie chicken.jpg

Are you interested in organizing a pickup location in your area? Contact us for more information.

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Restaurants and Butchers

We are proud to be working with several local restaurants and butcher shops.

If you are a chef, restaurateur or butcher looking for quality local pastured meat we would love to work with you! We offer:

Truly Farm to Table: everything we sell is raised on our farm by our family

Whole chickens from 4-7lb, chicken pieces

Pork and beef products

Regular deliveries

Here are some of our current customers. Give them a try and see what a talented, skilled chef or butcher can do with our products! They have all been fantastic partners for us as we have started and grown our business.


They have an eye for quality, consider them our stamp of approval! 

Pasture-raised meat is healthier for you and the planet
— mercola.com

featured product - 30 lb bulk variety box

Stock your freezer with one simple order!


We want you to make these boxes your regular meat supply.This box gives you a variety of our products so you can sample it all.

Arrange for a monthly delivery of our 30 Lb Bulk Variety Box and you will always have a supply of our chicken, turkey, pork and beef products.

Download the form below to customize it to suit your preferences so you don’t need to worry about getting anything you don’t want.

Here is an example of what might come in it. 5.25 lb Turkey sausage, 2 whole chickens (5-6 lb ea), 3.75 lb pork sausage, 3 lb bacon, 2 lb smoked chops, 3-4 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, 2 lb chicken drums or thighs, 2 lb Ground beef.

This makes it easy to keep the freezer stocked with delicious healthy meats!