We are John and Sarah Moylan

Together with our 4 daughters we are producing high quality pasture raised beef, chicken, pork and turkey on our small family farm in Seaforth, Ontario.

Our Story

We are passionate about producing high quality, nutritious food to help families and communities thrive

Are you interested in the health and well being of your family?

Would you like to know your farmer and where your food comes from?

Do you ever wonder how your food was produced?

Does your family love great tasting food?

These are questions that have resonated with us as well.  

Our family’s journey has helped us to find solutions to many of the challenges that the average family faces when it comes to sourcing great food.


As John grew up on his family’s farm, he grew to love the lifestyle and developed a deep love of farming. 

While farm operations grew in size, the more industrialized approach to farming did not have the same appeal. In time John, pursued other avenues which lead to a career outside of farming.

In that time, he married Sarah who started her own landscaping company with her sister. 

As tends to happen, life became busier and we felt we were stretched in many directions, most of them away from our home and family.  

As our family grew, we knew that we wanted to be more involved in the day to day lives of our children and we loved the idea of raising our own food.

The urge to return to farming was still there so in 2017 we started our business with the vision of raising our family in a healthy environment.

Our Mission

At the time we started farming I don’t think we realized how connected we would become with our passion.  It has been an amazing journey of learning and discovery that has led us to a greater understanding of the larger journey we have been set on as a society. 

Along our journey, we have discovered how dependent on our land we are for our health and well being.  

We have learned that the expansion of industrial farming methods have led to the degradation of our soil and a decline in the quality and nutritional content of our food.

Since we are curious by nature we became very interested in knowing where our food comes from and how it is raised.  And, that opened our eyes to a different way of farming.

Now as farmers we are so grateful to be part of a movement of producers who are using regenerative practices to improve the health of our soil and in turn the health of our food.

We Are Parents Too

As parents we are thrilled to have gained a greater awareness of the impact that farming methods can have on the quality of our food. We have been fortunate to be connected with many other parents and community members who have similar interests.

We are inspired by the many stories we have heard from people who have transformed their health and that of their families by incorporating nutritious food in their diet.

These experiences have fueled our passion for farming and producing high quality food.

How Can We Serve Your Family?

We look forward to sharing both our love for this work and our products with the families and communities around us. If you live in Ontario we would love to supply your family with the best pasture raised meat available.

Although it almost seems cliche to say that the world is changing, it is hard to ignore how quickly these changes are going on around us.  We are seeing many changes not only in how our food is produced but in how it gets onto the tables of families like yours.  

Our journey is far from complete, in fact we feel we are just getting started and there is plenty left to discover.

Through a combination of regenerative farming methods and a full service e-commerce business we are thrilled to be able to provide

  • reliable ‘Farm to Table’ service,
  • a relationship with your farmer and
  • a guarantee that you will be satisfied with both our products and our service. 


We strive to make your buying experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.  

If you feel that we are a good match for you and your family Click the button below to visit our online store and join us on our journey of discovery.