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Yummy, Ethical, and Free Range Chickens Near You

At 5 Chicks and a Farmer, we care for our chickens humanely by letting them roam free on our farm, which is located precisely in your community. Happy and healthy chickens give the best quality eggs and meat that are tasty and full of nutrients, which we are confident are the best.

What Does the Definition of "Free Range" Imply?

When you come across the phrase "free range chickens " on any of our chicken produce, it means that our chickens have been given the freedom to roam outside the poultry shed for the entire day with unlimited access to fresh air, sunlight, and ample space to express their instincts. Our chickens benefit from a stress-free atmosphere, on the other hand, are fed on a high-quality feed. 

- Large sheltered enclosure in the outdoors has enough space for the chickens to be digging for earth, scratching and bathing in the dirt.

- Through rotating grazing territory, this practice helps to prevent overused land and possible contamination.

- Stocking density, which is low enough to provide attributable space to each bird, is correct.

- Tight biosecurity assures flock safety and lowers disease threats.

Why choose Free Range Chicken by 5 Chicks and a Farmer?

Superior Taste and Texture

Our free-range chickens establish a better texture with superior taste and live their lives healthy, being able to exercise outside in pastures. The combination of a lot of greens leaves them with delicious eggs with bright orange inside.

Humane Treatment

The chickens with the freedom to live just like nature intended, they stay healthy and cheerful in the daylight in outdoors.

Environmental Sustainability

The use of pasture breakfasts, which are free of feeds, is widely used in some stealth. This manure is another by-product that nourishes the ground.

Get The Best From Our Free Range Chicken Products from Our Farm Shop

 As a local farm supplying only free-range chickens and humanely treated ones in our store, we extend this invitation to you to come and visit us. Pick up or order online from our store:

 - Whole fresh chickens

- Frozen plates of chicken breasts, thighs, ready-to-eat legs, and others.

- Snow-white, bio-farm organic free-range eggs were covered in brown speckles.

- Value-added products, especially the chicken sausage and stock, are highly respected on the menu.