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Try some of our delicious beef from our pasture-raised beef.

Indulge in Toronto's Finest Grass-Fed Beef Near You

5 Chicks and a Farmer supplies grass-fed beef that ranks high on the scale of humanely and sustainably reared cattle in Toronto. Because we are a small, family owned farm and strive to produce top quality calves for eating, we will not expose them to any diet that puts their health at risk.

What makes Grass Fed Beef the preferred option?

Grass-fed beef offers many advantages over conventional meat: Grass-fed beef offers many advantages over traditional beef:

Omega-3 fatty acids - The Omega-3 content of beef from grass-fed cows is as high as 2-3 times as much as that of grain-fed cows. It implies that meat is a protector against cardiovascular ailments.

The beef grass fed is a good source of CLAs (commonly known as conjugated linoleic acids) which have been studied by scientists to be known has cancer fighting properties and help determine body fat.

Our Cows - The cows of our farm neither get antibiotic nor growth hormone treatment; therefore, you get an all-natural beef.

The Convenience of One-click Ordering for Toronto Residents

The ultimate grass-fed beef is right at your door today: we do our best to source it from the nearby farms first and foremost. We offer:

  • Online ordering and regular delivery systems that serve the residents in their homes became popular.
  • A distribution through home delivery for the whole of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Truck delivery to the farmer's market

With a farm-fresh brand in Toronto, we make it an accessible option for healthy and environmentally friendly beef.

Enjoy Your Organic Meat from 5 Chicks and the Farmer

The 5 Chicks and a Farmer as your source of grass fed beef is the best because you get the highest quality and healthiest meat from well treated cows. This can also be a great option for sustainability in agriculture.

Order today and enjoy our grass-fed beef with superior quality direct to your table.