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5 Chicks and a Farmer

Beef Bone Broth Liquid Gold-Available NOW

Beef Bone Broth Liquid Gold-Available NOW

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We get it – life is a juggling act...

and you're the master of keeping all those balls in the air.

With kids going to school. the whirlwind of extracurriculars, and lots of other commitments chaos can sneak up on you. 

Amongst all the chaos that ensues, how confident are you that your family is getting the kind of nutrition you want to provide?

Sound Familiar??

We know you would do anything to make sure your family gets all the nutrients they need to thrive.

We get that meal planning is your secret weapon,
but we also understand the stress of everyday life can make it 
tough to pack each meal with nutrition

Luckily, that's where our Grassfed Beef Bone Broth swoops in to save the day!
Here's how you can put it to use

  • incorporate it in many of your everyday meals or
  • mix with some cocoa and honey and use as a
    replacement for coffee or hot chocolate.

    Here's the magic:...
    our Grassfed Beef Bone Broth is not just any broth, it's

    • a powerhouse of nutrients, a secret weapon for every super mom.
    • Packed with collagen, amino acids, and minerals
    • boosts your energy,
    • supports your immune system, and
    • keeps your family going strong

    Our 100% Grassfed Beef Bone Broth is not just a product, 
    Its a commitment to your family's health.

    Take this opportunity to get this liquid gold on your side.

    Our broth comes in 750ml containers.
    Choose the package size that suits you best.

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    Delicious and Nutritious Beef

    • Your family will devour any meals made with our delicious products
    • Know that you're feeding your family the most nutrient dense, pasture raised meat
    • Have confidence that your family's food does not contain any unwanted antibiotic, hormone or chemical residues
    • You will have endless meal options and ideas
    • Enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door

    Our Promise to You

    Once you become a customer of 5 Chicks and a Farmer you won't want to shop anywhere else. That’s because this isn’t just the average conventionally raised meat. This is ‘5 Chicks and a Farmer Meat’.

    We have a family just like yours! We strive to provide our family with the best tasting, most nutritious meat available by using regenerative farming practices that also improve the soil and the environment.

    That is why we feel confident offering a 1 year, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with any of our products we will refund your money, period.

    BONUS: Free Delivery

    • Delivery to your door at no extra cost. All butchering costs are included
    • Our meat is flash frozen to lock in the freshness and nutrients.
    • Our careful packaging and delivery process ensures that your order arrives at your door fully frozen and ready to use.
    • "We love our 5-Chicks and a Farmer Beef quarters. We find it is the perfect mix of roasts, steaks and hamburger so we always have a great variety on hand.  It's great knowing where our food comes from and that we are supporting a local farming family. It is the only way we do beef now, it is unbeatable value!"

      - Nick Hendry

    • "I'm really enjoying the beef and wanted to thank you.I'd say probably the best beef I've had!! Great job on raising the animals andI'm glad you made me wait until they were ready."

      - Matt Marlow

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the cattle fed?

    During the grazing season they are on pasture and eat only grass.  In the winter they are fed a mixture of hay, barley, oats, peas and corn for approx.. 60-90 days before slaughter

    What cuts are included?

    The product includes ground beef, steaks for the BBQ, steaks for marinating, stirfry’s, fajitas etc., roasts, stewing beef.

    How do I get the product?

    Orders can be picked up at the farm or delivered to your door

    Do you use artificial hormones?

    We do not use artificial hormones 

    What breed are the cattle?

    We have purebred red angus cows that are bred to angus bulls and we buy in stockers that are a mix of angus, simmental and charolais

    Do you butcher on the farm?

    All slaughtering and butchering is done at provincially licenced facilities

    Is the meat fresh or frozen?

    Our products are flash frozen at the processor to lock in freshness

    How much freezer space doesit require?

    It will take up approximately 3/4 cf of freezer space for the 20lb and 1.5 cf for the 40 lb

    Does the price include butchering?

    All butchering costs are included

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