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5 Chicks and a Farmer

Grass Finished Beef Family Freezer Bundle

Grass Finished Beef Family Freezer Bundle

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Is our 100% Grass Finished Beef Family Freezer Bundle right for you? 

Do you ever feel that something isn’t right about the food you’re providing to your family?  Afterall, today’s commercially produced meat contains only half the nutrients that it did 50-60 years ago.

Do you feel overwhelmed or frazzled with day-to-day struggles, as if you’re being pulled in too many directions?

Would you like to feel like you’re fulfilling your roles in the family more effectively?

Do you feel like you’re doing something wrong, that you can’t have it all, or that
some aspect of your life has to suffer?

What if there was a solution to one problem that would help you resolve a multitude of issues in your life? 

One problem, that if solved would cause all the rest to fall like dominoes.

Family meal-time has become less and less of a regular occurrence in today’s world.

What if improving on that aspect of your life meant that many of the other things would fall into line?

If there was an alternative to feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and like you’re somehow failing in your roles, wouldn’t you like to experience those benefits?

When you say ‘Yes’ to 5 Chicks and a Farmer Grass Finished Beef Family Freezer Bundle, here are just some of the things you will experience.

  • Say ‘goodbye’ to that sinking feeling you used to get in your stomach at 3 in the afternoon when you realize you have nothing planned for dinner.  With a stocked freezer, meal planning is made easy because you have a variety of cuts on hand to choose from. 
  • Your family will be healthy because you’re serving the highest quality meat.  It contains all the nutrients their bodies need to fight off illness, experience normal growth and maintain exceptional overall health.   
  • Like many of our customers, you will find that your family notices a huge difference between our beef and the beef available at the grocery store.   Your kids will no longer complain about the meals you prepare.  Instead, they will love gathering for dinner and will devour your meals, asking for more, more, more.  You will become a legend among your kids’ friends.  You may even find that they love coming to your house for dinner, just to get a taste of your wonderful cooking!
  • You will have extra time because you weren’t wandering the meat aisle at the grocery store.  Our online ordering and convenient home delivery will make you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Its time for you to re-claim your family’s meal-time and get back to
quality time spent around the dinner table.

Imagine feeling encouraged, excited, empowered and proud
when it comes to the food you provide for your family.

Claim your ‘Super Mom’ badge and show off your prowess
when it comes to running a smooth operation in your kitchen,
while the people around you wonder ‘How does she do it’?

You’re right if you think ‘this is not for everyone
because not everyone values these benefits.

However, if these things are for you, and if you think it is possible to have it all, go ahead and place your order below.

These cattle are 100 % grass fed and grass finished. 

They are rotationally grazed on our variety of certified organic pastures and are harvested at the optimal time of year to maximize marbling, flavour and nutrient density

What's in our 'Grass Finished Beef Family Freezer Bundle'?

This bundle contains a variety of cuts including
grilling steaks
stir-fry/marinating steaks,
ground beef
stewing beef

Sizes to suit your family needs!
Small- 10lb of Grass Fed Beef 
Medium- 20lb of Grass Fed Beef 
Large- 40lb of Grass Fed Beef 
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Highly Nutritious Beef

  • Your family will devour any meals made with our delicious products
  • Know that you're feeding your family the most nutrient dense, pasture raised meat
  • Have confidence that your family's food does not contain any unwanted antibiotic, hormone or chemical residues
  • You will have endless meal options and ideas
  • Enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door

Our Promise to You

Once you become a customer of 5 Chicks and a Farmer you won't want to shop anywhere else. That’s because this isn’t just the average conventionally raised meat. This is ‘5 Chicks and a Farmer Meat’.

We have a family just like yours! We strive to provide our family with the best tasting, most nutritious meat available by using regenerative farming practices that also improve the soil and the environment.

That is why we feel confident offering a 1 year, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with any of our products we will refund your money, period.

BONUS: Free Delivery

  • Delivery to your door at no extra cost. All butchering costs are included
  • Our meat is flash frozen to lock in the freshness and nutrients.
  • Our careful packaging and delivery process ensures that your order arrives at your door fully frozen and ready to use.
  • "We love our 5-Chicks and a Farmer Beef quarters. We find it is the perfect mix of roasts, steaks and hamburger so we always have a great variety on hand.  It's great knowing where our food comes from and that we are supporting a local farming family. It is the only way we do beef now, it is unbeatable value!"

    - Nick Hendry

  • "I'm really enjoying the beef and wanted to thank you.I'd say probably the best beef I've had!! Great job on raising the animals andI'm glad you made me wait until they were ready."

    - Matt Marlow

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cattle fed?

These cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished.

During the grazing season they are on pasture and eat only grass and other green, growing forage crops.  In these cattle are separated from our other finisher cattle and are fed strictly hay and other stored forage crops.

What cuts are included?

The product includes ground beef, steaks for the BBQ, steaks for marinating, stirfry’s, fajitas etc., roasts, stewing beef.

How do I get the product?

Orders can be picked up at the farm or delivered to your door

Do you use artificial hormones?

We do not use artificial hormones 

What breed are the cattle?

We have purebred red angus cows that are bred to angus bulls and we buy in stockers that are a mix of angus, simmental and charolais

Do you butcher on the farm?

All slaughtering and butchering is done at provincially licenced facilities

Is the meat fresh or frozen?

Our products are flash frozen at the processor to lock in freshness

How much freezer space doesit require?

It will take up approximately 3/4 cf of freezer space for the 20lb and 1.5 cf for the 40 lb

Does the price include butchering?

All butchering costs are included